What is National Sovereignty (NatSov)?

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What is National Sovereignty (NatSov)?

Post by The Gipper on Mon Sep 05, 2016 4:14 pm

National Sovereignty (in terms of NationStates) is the opposition to the World Assembly General Assembly's interference in national governments and the global economy. NatSovers especially dislike WA interference on issues that have no international significance: like a nation's social policies, economic system, or defense systems and policies.

There's many different colors of NatSovers, some that refuse to accept the legitimacy of the World Assembly General Assembly at all, and some that are willing to support resolutions only that have international significance. Examples of the types of resolutions that some NatSovers feel are appropriate include nuclear weapon controls, protections for diplomats and disaster relief workers, and resolutions concerning international water or the neutrality of space. NatSovers are known for authoring and supporting so called "blocker" resolutions, that do very little but take advantage of NS Moderation's rule preventing duplication of a subject matter. Example: If there is a resolution on the books that leaves it up to national governments whether to permit abortion, but requires that any abortions that are decided to be legal must comply with some safety standards, then another resolution legalizing abortion in all nations cannot come to vote until the "blocker" is repealed.

NatSov has traditionally been the dominant philosophy in libertarian and right-wing or conservative regions due to the powerful leftist voting block within the World Assembly promoting ideas such as high minimum wages and strict anti-employer regulations. Social conservatives specifically have been extremely angry with the World Assembly in the past surrounding the issue of a right to abortion, a ban on male circumcision, and legalization of gay marriage, and the forced recognition of transgendered and intergendered (neither male nor female, but something else/in between).

The Free States is a NatSov region. As a result the Delegate will almost always vote against all General Assembly Resolutions, and for all repeals in GA resolutions. The exceptions being the rare case of "blockers" described above, and possibly General Assembly resolutions related to issues of high international importance that don't put unreasonable restrictions on national governments.

This very much means we will vote against resolutions enforcing on everyone, a view that we would likely all support. While our nations (and the players behind them) might think marijuana should be legal in our own nations, or some other pro-liberty position, we'd vote against a resolution forcing that to be the case in all nations. After all, what business is it of ours if a government a world away would rather their citizens not have marijuana or any other substance?

In terms of US politics, think of NatSov as ardent supporters of the tenth amendment. Even if the federal government is doing something you might want your state government to do, you oppose the federal government doing it because they shouldn't have the power to decide the internal workings of a state.

Thanks for reading, hope it helps!

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