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Technical / Moderation Sticky

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:17 am

Please use this forum to suggest features or forum changes (adding, combining, splitting of existing forums), or to bring threads that might need to be closed, updated, or such. Please keep in mind I'm somewhat limited in what I can do because of the software I'm using to host this forum, but the plus side of that is it is less time consuming for me. More info on this forum's ownership and software.

If there are posts that you think are out of line and need to be reviewed by myself or another moderator or admin here, please make a report thread in this forum. If there's a a more sensitive or serious problem, or you think making a post here is going to cause drama before I even have a chance to look into it, then it is probably best handled by sending a PM (with links to posts and specific details about the problem) to The Gipper and I will handle the situation.

If the forum should seem to be offline, or there's a REALLY serious problem like a spammer or some other time-serious issue and I am not online feel free to send an email to XXX. Those emails come to my phone, and I will do the best I can to handle the situation quickly. Please don't email me with something that could wait until I come online, though.

Thanks for your help keeping this forum clean and functioning!

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