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Forum Software and Ownership Info

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:13 am

Hello. I generally feel it is important for people to know who owns and is in control of a site like this that you're spending time on so let me start with that. This account is the primary admin account, which I generally refer to as the root admin account. That means I'm ultimately in control of what happens on this site, though I may appoint other accounts to admins or moderator status. There are some things that only this account can do, and this account cannot have its powers stripped or altered. The account I will use to post most often is "The Gipper" and both accounts are controlled solely by the one player in control of the NationStates nation The Gipper, which is the Founder of the Free States. I will probably only use this account to post important admin related announcements.

This forum runs through (phpBB3) and the domain name is owned by myself (it was not purchased through Forumotion). Regarding the choice to use Forumotion, since I know I'm going to get a much more serious techy person than myself come along soon and want to know why the heck I did that:

I know forumotion puts some pretty hard limits on some of our capabilities, and doesn't work with websites that are moving to other software, so if we move elsewhere we'll be leaving all the posts here behind. But, I've done Zeta and Proboards in the past and I experimented around before starting this with Icyboards (MyBB) and Jcink (IPB) both of which came with high praises from other admins, and some others. I looked at all of my options and felt they were either too expensive, required me to know more than I do about HTML and CSS, and/or was just going to be far more time to put into the forum that I wanted. This was pretty quick to set up, and changing the things that I can change seems pretty quick and easy, and I'm confident I can maintain it by myself if need be.

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